Hi, I'm Sara.

I'm your health coach and wellness advocate. This virtual small group health coaching is here to guide you through healthy habits that will stick! I want you to learn effective science-based, techniques that will help you to lose weight AND keep it off!

We will be discussing and practicing techniques for mindful-based eating, movement/exercise, stress management, behavior change, and methods to stay motivated in establishing a healthy lifestyle long-term.

You will be encouraged to keep me posted on your progress with weekly Wednesday weigh-ins so that I can help support you and be a source of accountability. Your reports do not need to be based on #s on the scale unless that is the approach you prefer. Most importantly, I'm asking you to weigh-in with how you are doing with your goals and what you may need for additional support.

This program is 9 weeks long with an additional follow-up on week 12. You will receive the weekly content/goals on Fridays after an optional Zoom discussion. Mid-way through the week on "Weigh In Wednesdays," I'd love to hear from you to know how you are doing and personalize your approach in the form of a 15-minute call, text or e-mail.

So, are you ready? Let's begin to make some positive changes together! Mark your calendars - We start Friday, Sept 10th 2021.

And suddenly you knowIt's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”

Meister (& Johannes) Eckhart

Weekly Topics

*Starting Friday, Sept 10th 2021 at 6:30 pm

(Sessions are also recorded to watch at your leisure.)

Week 1 - Weighing In on Long-Term Weight Loss

Week 2 - Mindful Eating

Week 3 - What's On Your Plate

Week 4 - Reset Your Mind & Body

Week 5 - The Weight Loss Trifecta

Week 6 - Meaningful Movement

Week 7 - Fuel Your Health

Week 8 - Plan For A Great Week Ahead

Week 9 - Sustainability

Week 10-11 Independent Progress

Week 12 - Check-In & Reflection

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Virtual Small Group Health Coaching

A weight-loss program that covers it all for long-lasting, positive health behavior change.

Meet with your health coach one-on-one weekly for 15 minutes on Wednesdays and then meet as a group weekly for 15-30 minutes on Fridays to review the week's plan and tips. The group sessions will be recorded so you may also listen to them at your leisure.